Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

As a small or medium-sized company, you see yourself mainly as responsible for the acquisition and the high-quality execution or manufacture of your services or products. We will be pleased to relieve you of your commercial or tax obligations for the preparation of annual financial statements.
  • Preparation of annual financial statements according to German Commercial Code (HGB) and IFRS
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with German Commercial Code (HGB) and IFRS
  • Preparation of interim financial statements
  • Preparation of pro-forma financial statements
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Publication of annual financial statements
  • Annual Financial Statement

    In addition to the balance sheet, profit and loss account and notes, we will be pleased to prepare an annual report which explains the figures in detail

  • consolidated financial statement

    Consolidated financial statements also include a cash flow statement and a statement of changes in equity, the preparation of which we are happy to prepare for you.

  • Pro-forma financial statements

    As a supplement to existing annual financial statements, pro-forma financial statements can depict planned corporate transactions as if the transaction had already been carried out and the planned structure were already in place. It makes it easier for you to decide on the transaction.

What we can offer to you

We are not satisfied merely with the preparation of the balance sheet, profit and loss account and notes. Through analytical evaluations, such as annual comparisons and cash flow statements, we provide you with information on the source of your results and your cash flows.

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