Tax Consultancy

We develop the approaches for creative tax consulting within the framework of declaration consulting. Qualified design recommendations require precise knowledge of a client’s circumstances and needs. The information gained from the declaration advice therefore forms an excellent basis for comprehensive entrepreneurial, legal and tax structuring advice that is oriented towards the long-term success of our clients.
  • Preparation of regular tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations and associations
  • Development of the tax balance sheet from the commercial balance sheet or derivation of the tax result
  • Preparation of tax returns in special cases (inheritance, gift, acquisition of real estate)
  • Review of tax assessments and appeals procedures
  • Support in tax audits and other measures of the tax administration
  • Preparation of applications for reimbursement of value added tax (input tax reimbursement procedure) and energy tax
  • Tax advice on the design of corporate concepts and the choice of legal form
  • Advice on tax planning for companies and individuals
  • Assessment of tax issues (statements, analyses, expert opinions)
  • Consulting for non-profit organisations (e.g. association, foundation)
  • Advice on issues and support in the preparation of annual financial statements
  • Preparation of surplus revenue statements
  • Preparation of invoices for the use of funds of non-profit organisations
  • Tax Compliance

    We support you in the fulfilment of all tax return obligations, both in the private as well as in the business sector. For example, we prepare and submit your corporate, trade, turnover or income tax return, declaration for the separate and uniform determination of tax bases, advance value added tax returns as well as capital gains tax and insurance tax returns. We support you in complying with the principles of proper maintenance and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as data access (GoBD) and the necessary procedural documentation.

  • Accompaniment of external tax audits

    We accompany and support you in tax audits and clarification of tax doubts with the tax authorities and defence against inaccurate tax findings.

  • Appeal and tax court proceedings

    If necessary, we object to tax assessments in order to bring about the necessary change. If called for, we also represent your interests in court proceedings before the tax court and subsequently before the Federal Fiscal Court.

  • Tax structuring advice

    Entrepreneurial decisions, but also private asset decisions have tax consequences. We support you in the run-up to important decisions in order to assess the tax effects and to point out tax-optimal alternatives within the scope of the legal possibilities.

What we offer you

German tax law is highly complex. Important questions can no longer be solved without an experienced and well-coordinated team of consultants. Our consulting services are characterised by interdisciplinary solutions that combine legal, economic and tax aspects.

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