General Business Law

We advise you on all questions of commercial and general business law. This includes drafting, negotiating and reviewing complex contracts as well as supporting the development of financing structures, distribution systems, franchising and commercial agencies. In this context, we also advise you on all questions of capital market law and on selected regulatory issues.
  • Acquisition financing, real estate financing, project financing
  • Internal Group Financing / Cash Pooling
  • Corporate financing via the capital market (e.g. promissory notes, registered bonds, corporate bonds)
  • Initial public offerings
  • Preparation and review of securities prospectuses and offer documents
  • Reporting obligations (director dealings, voting rights notifications), ad-hoc notifications
  • Law of commercial agents including claims for compensation of commercial agents, authorised dealers and franchise agreements
  • Trademark law (registration, opposition proceedings, trademark protection infringements)
  • Competition law (GWB, UWG)

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