Succession Plan

We advise individuals and families in particular on issues of corporate succession and all inheritance tax matters. Close cooperation with our attorneys enables us to provide comprehensive advice in this area in particular, taking into account legal implications, in order to find a legally and tax-efficient structure for you.
  • Inheritance and gift tax law
  • Design under inheritance and gift law to optimise the tax burden
  • Anticipated succession, gifts
  • Asset and company succession for domestic and foreign assets
  • International inheritance law, regulations for foreign assets
  • Contractual arrangements as an alternative to inheritance
  • Correct design

    When drafting wills, most options are available for reducing or even avoiding inheritance tax. But even in the event of inheritance, there are many possibilities for corrective action (e.g. assertion of claims to a compulsory portion, disbursement against compensation).

  • Walking the best path together

    The community of heirs is often a group of people who do not like to communicate and act with each other. The reasons for this may be manifold, but they often hinder the actual goal of implementing the will of the testator. We help you with the right feeling for the advice and the possibility to understand the situation differently as an external third party without reaching a joint solution to major disputes.

What we offer you

We accompany you in your succession planning and support you in the event of an emergency with our experience and knowledge.

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