Contract Law

Well thought-out contractual regulations can help to improve your contractual partner’s loyalty and to realize your economic interests. That is why we first have your economic goal described, so that we can then choose together with you the suitable contractual path to achieve this goal. Our aim is to facilitate long-term cooperation through balanced contracts, whether in the form of purchase contracts, supply contracts, service contracts or work contracts and company law agreements.
  • Forward-thinking
  • Pathfinding
  • Effective
  • Assuredly
  • Formation of contracts, choice of law and agreements on jurisdiction

    We already consult you during the contract negotiations and on letters of intent, e.g. on confidentiality agreements and advantages and disadvantages of explicit choice of law as well as agreements on jurisdiction (national/international) and their effects on the enforceability of the contractually agreed rights and obligations.

  • Protection of contractual services, dealing with breaches of contract

    We support you in ensuring that you also receive what was assured to you in the contract. We therefore consult you on securities such as bank guarantees or sureties, reservations of title or assignments of security and on their enforceability. And if your contractual partner’s performance is defective, we help you to enforce warranty and damage claims, for example

  • Contract termination

    If you wish to withdraw from an existing contract, we will examine the conditions for termination and consider with you the advantages and disadvantages of the possible procedures.

  • Contract examination

    We also review contracts and draft contracts negotiated by you with your contractual partners from a legal point of view and suggest suitable adjustments.

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