Real Estate Taxation

Real estate tax law consists of a multitude of areas that must be considered holistically so that you can successfully participate in the real estate market. With our expertise in the legal, tax and economic areas, we can also assist you with complex questions relating to real estate and find the right solutions for you.
  • Declaration business (tax returns, statistics)
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Accounting
  • Reporting
  • Advice on structuring (restructuring)
  • Succession plan
  • Real estate evaluation
  • Partnerships and corporations
  • Real estate fund
  • trade tax

    Renting and leasing alone is no reason to exclude the creation of trade tax from the outset. Commercial real estate trading, commercial partnerships or the refusal of the so-called extended reduction of trade income can lead to high trade tax burdens in individual cases. We advise you on how to identify and avoid these risks.

  • value added tax

    In real estate tax law, value-added tax plays a decisive role, as it accounts for a not inconsiderable part of financing requirements. An incomplete consultation can quickly lead to high tax payments. We offer you a thorough review of the VAT situation (keyword: input tax correction) and the correct drafting of contracts (e.g. VAT clause, sale of the business as a whole), so that you can operate safely on the real estate market.

  • real estate transfer tax

    Particularly in the case of restructuring companies with real estate assets, a conscientious examination of the possibilities of avoiding or at least reducing real estate transfer tax is absolutely essential. Because the standards to be applied are constantly changing, we help you to keep an overview.

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